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January 31, 2009
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Yuan Ti 1 by LichGodlike Yuan Ti 1 by LichGodlike
Like i said the last submit, there is, a brand new deviant.
This is a bad guy of the current d&d campaing i DM.
This is a Yuan-ti half golem. Well, form more enlighten, Yuan ti's are a powerfull evil snakelike race, who living in the warm forest/jungle. They are anathemas of the humanity, once long long ago like us, but with pacts with evil gods and demons they link they blood with serpentine creatures, born as a powerfull monster, higly wise and smart, and very very evil.
This subject in especific are more mad than the oders, cos he substitue his own arms with more strong arms of other creatures (thats the reason for the unbalance sized arms), loosing part of his sanity with that.

Abou the picture: Drawn with black leads again (how i love black leads!!) take more or les 3 hours. That armor takes a live! Yuan-tis only wears masterwork things... like "only the finest things for the finest creatures" to them.

This is one of various drawns of Yuan Ti i want to submit here.

Well when i drawning this one, i think "maybe i need a girlfriend again" and yep, i need one. Only f**k with girls ocasionaly are good, but i need someone to care about and care about me too, but well, for that i need to know someone who i like date and have no stupids boyfireds (¬¬';)...
During the process i listen a lot of songs that a lot of time i not listend, like This Godless Endeavor of Nevermore, Electric Eye of Judas Priest, Black Seeds of Veangance of Nile, Hell Freeze Over of Saxon and Killer Queen of Queen... oh, a lot of exelent songs... Happy whit that
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awww, this is awesome! :D
I'm trying to draw a female one at the moment, but I don't think it will be that great...
(well, I need some more practice :D)
I like his really self-satisfied expression. Makes me think he just ate a halfling.
Now THIS is a Yuan-Ti warrior...and why are they called abominations?
well i dont know why abominations... i when you try to imagine a snake-man, you see something like that, an human torso uppon a snake tail, with an scary snake head... the "pureblood" are something like a... human with snake eyes... not too terrible if you imagine other things you always see in movies and fantasy...

but thanks my friend, i'm glad you like it!
Yea! A fellow D&D fan! This is awesome hun! =D
oh, thanks... hehe... i'm glad you like it!
Very evil looking beastie...
I do not want to come across that thing in the campaign world! Unless I have my level 18 hellfirewarlock/cleric or my level 30 paladin :D Nice going on this one, Lich. The armor's very cool. I suck at armor.
Yuan ti are one of the most asome vilains in d&d, along with Salamandres, Rak'shasa and Gnolls i think, but is sad to think the great numbers of DM ignore them instead for drows, orcs, dragons, demons, undeads and evil cultist....
but well, yet DM maybe i put more Yuan-tis, Gnolls and maybe a Salamander someday of theses! :P
my sis had a gnoll barbarian character once. they're fun. and Rak'shasas are cool. we don't have too many drow in our games, but my elven wizardess i'm playing is married to a drow weapon master. i don't think there's any one monster that shows up more than the other.
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